Use Your Future Transaction Money Today

Small businesses usually rise and fall with the variances of local and global markets. A merchant cash advance can prevent the kind of losses that can come with downturns in the marketplace. Alternative Capital Group is here to help when you need to bank on your future merchant transactions.

How a Cash Advance Works

Each time you perform a merchant transaction, you’re putting money in the bank. Rather than wait for your next purchase, a merchant cash advance gets you the money your business needs right now. At Alternative Capital Group, we can offer up to $200,000 for each of your business locations. That money is then paid back through future transactions using Visa, Discover, American Express and other digital forms of payment.

What Kind of Benefits We Offer

One of the great ways we help businesses grow and get the cash they need is by not requiring a mountain of paperwork to apply. Other benefits we offer include:

  • Get your funds fast
  • Spend your funds however you need to
  • No application fee or closing costs
  • No loss of equity or fixed payments
  • Easy payback
  • No collateral required

Find Out More Today

With a merchant cash advance, your business isn’t beholden to market fluctuations. Find out more by contacting our office today.