How Your Real Estate Could Gain You a Loan

If your credit history prevented you from qualifying for a conventional loan, then a stated commercial real estate loan from Alternative Capital Group can help. This kind of loan is very different from a traditional loan and comes with a variety of benefits. Here’s what you need to know.

How Buildings Qualify

A qualifying building is one with enough value to cover certain costs. These include taxes, mortgage and any insurance on the loan. Many building types can fit this criteria and we don’t discriminate based on property use. Some buildings we’ve worked with before include:

  • Apartments
  • Real estate
  • Warehouses
  • Restaurants

Main Difference From a Traditional Loan

Since a stated income commercial real estate loan depends on the value of your property rather than your personal credit, there are more ways to qualify and less paperwork. Providing less information and filling out less paperwork means that, if you qualify, you can expect your money quicker.

Benefits To Working With Us

Why is Alternative Capital Group ideal for your business? If you’re still trying to decide, here are some of the benefits we offer.

  • Practically all properties are welcome
  • 30-year amortized loans with fixed rates
  • Loan amounts as large as $12,500,000
  • Use funds for debt consolidation, refinancing or purchasing

Another important part of a stated income commercial real estate loan is the loan-to-value (LTV) ratio. This value depends on what your property is used for.

  • Offices, retail, warehouses and self-storage facilities qualify for 65% LTV
  • Non-owner occupied investment properties of one to four units qualify for 80% LTV
  • Mixed use and multifamily properties of five or more units qualify for 75% LTV

It’s Time to Use Your Property Value

You can find out more about the stated income commercial real estate loans offered at Alternative Capital Group by contacting our office. If you and your building qualify, you could be closing within two or three weeks.